As a full service hattery we offer you the ability to design and customize your own felt or straw hat. Custom hats range in price based on style, materials, and trim. Take a look at some of our custom hat in the Gallery.

Green Dye

Style & Color

Felt or Straw? It's up to you! Matching a hat to your chosen outfit can be tricky and that's why we offer you the ability to choose from a variety of unique colors. 

Pink Parasisal

Stiffen & Block

Next we stiffen and block your hat using age-old techniques that ensure high quality and longevity. Choose from a broad selection of hat molds in both contemporary and vintage styles.

Lavender Detail

Trim & Decorate

Now for the fun! Pick any feather, ribbon, flower, leather, button, bow, or all of the above, to customize your one-of-a-kind hat.